Endangered Species Day

Today, Wolf Haven International joins thousands of people and organizations in celebration of Endangered Species Day. It is the 40th anniversary of the momentous occasion when the Endangered Species Act was put into place, recognizing the imperiled status of far too many creatures, and creating federal protections for them.

For our part, Wolf Haven is an active player in two different Species Survival Plan programs for critically endangered types of wolves. Since we were selected to participate in the Mexican gray wolf SSP program in 1994, five litters of these pups have been born here and two packs (11 wolves total) released into their historic range in the southwest.

In 2003, Wolf Haven began participating in the Red Wolf SSP plan. Both the Red wolf and the Mexican gray are indigenous to this continent, and not found in the wild anywhere else in the world. We currently house 11 Mexican gray and 4 red wolves, a few of which may be seen during a guided walking visit of our sanctuary.

There are still far too many species threatened with extinction due to critical habitat loss, poaching, and misunderstanding. Although Endangered Species Day is officially celebrated today, all of us must keep them in the forefront of our minds and hearts everyday – and do what we can to prevent the loss of even ONE more threatened species.ImageImage

Big day in the sanctuary

Guy and Anna

Guy and Anna

Big day in the sanctuary for some of our residents

Guy and Anna were moved to a large off-visit enclosure up on the hill away from the public visit route. If they choose, they can still catch a glimpse of visitors as they make their way along the public visit route, but given that both Guy and Anna are very shy, no doubt they will enjoy the increased privacy. Moving them meant that their original enclosure would now be vacant, and since that enclosure has an above ground tunnel that connects to Juno and Shadow’s enclosure, we were able to open the gates to the tunnel so Juno and Shadow could have an extra enclosure to romp in. Both pairs were so excited with their new digs- all kinds of new things to investigate and mark and roll on! Lots of excited whining, smelling and big, toothy smiles as well. I’d say they are pretty pleased with the new real estate!

Juno cautiously sniffs her new digs.

Juno cautiously sniffs her new digs.

Rocco is stretching! How about You!

Please remember Rocco and his 49 neighbors at Wolf Haven International! Today is GiveBIG, when your donations are magically made even bigger (s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d)! Visit the Wolf Haven giving page on The Seattle Foundation’s website on Wed. May 15! Today!

How to STRETCH – in Six Simple Steps

The Proper Way to STRETCH

Riley stretches

Riley stretches

On May 15, for a 24-hour period, The Seattle Foundation is hosting the 3rd annual GiveBig Campaign for participating nonprofit organizations. People from AROUND the world can make a donation to the listed charity of their choice anytime between midnight and midnight of that special date AND The Seattle Foundation will “stretch” all donations. Although not a dollar-for-dollar match, the stretch increases the total amount of money that each nonprofit will receive at the end of the day. The percentage depends on the size of the stretch pool and how much is raised in total donations.

Here’s WHAT YOU CAN DO to Help Wolf Haven International and STRETCH those dollars!

Easy, how-to instructions

  1. First of all, SHARE these instructions with your family and friends.
  2. Set a calendar reminder (make sure it’s audible!) on your smart phone and other electronic devices with the following information: May 15, midnight (12 a.m.) – 11:59 p.m., GiveBIG.
  3. When the alarm goes off & your reminder pops up on May 15, immediately go to www.seattlefoundation.org/GivingCenter/GiveBIG
  4. Enter “Wolf Haven” in the search bar
  5. Select “Donate Now” & complete donation form (make sure Wolf Haven International) is your designated recipient.
  6. Brag about your generosity on Facebook and Twitter:  “I just gave to Wolf Haven International through The Seattle Foundation GiveBig campaign. How about you?

THAT’S IT! You have now properly completed a healthy stretch – which will benefit not only you (don’t you feel good about yourself?) but especially a nonprofit organization that you care deeply about – Wolf Haven International.

Wolf Haven needs your support year-round and we are always grateful for it – whenever it occurs! But for one special day – MAY 15 – your gift can magically GROW. All you have to do is GIVE via the Giving Center on The Seattle Foundation’s website on MAY 15.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and FLEXIBILITY.

Now set your reminders to STRETCH on MAY 15!