Finding Sanctuary spotlights: Angel and Zoe

Finding Sanctuary is a website devoted to connecting animal sanctuaries with volunteers, assistance and community. Goat, pig, horse, farm animals, wildlife and other types of animal sanctuaries are listed and highlighted on this site. Wolf Haven was invited to share the story of two of our most recent rescues for this month’s Finding Sanctuary blog.

Read More about Angel and Zoe here.

Angel before rescue

Angel before rescue

A Midsummer’s Night 2017 – sold out

All dates for 2017 are SOLD OUT.


Our premiere summer event, A Midsummer’s Night, offers guests the opportunity to see wolves, hear them howl, learn their stories, eat delicious food, walk through native prairie, camp overnight – and repeat in the morning. Twenty guests have an exclusive opportunity to engage in a deeper way with our organization and support our mission.

A Midsummer’s Night reflects the heart of what it means to be a sanctuary. At an animal sanctuary, the philosophy is that the animals always come first. The resident animals of Wolf Haven are given every opportunity to behave as naturally as possible in a protective environment. We limit the number to 20 people each evening.  By keeping the group small, our guests can have a deeper, more intimate experience with our sanctuary, wolves, animal care staff and prairie – yet this will seem routine to our resident animals.

Attendance is limited to 20 persons per event.

2017 Dates:

  • June 17 – SOLD OUT
  • June 24 – SOLD OUT
  • July 22 – SOLD OUT
  • August 12 (adults only) – SOLD OUT
  • August 26 (adults only; evening only)* – SOLD OUT


  • $100/person for adults
  • $90/person for youth (ages 4-18)

*special pricing for August 26 evening-only event

  • $50/person for adults

Included with admission:

  • dinner
  • an enrichment visit in the sanctuary with animal care staff
  • a prairie walk
  • overnight camping (no overnight on August 26)
  • a continental breakfast
  • morning sanctuary visit.

For more information, call 360.264.4695 x220 or email

CAMPING Information

Cancellations made less than 7 business days in advance of the reservation date will not be refunded. Refunds will be sent within 30 days of cancellation where applicable.

Fabulous Fungi

It may be spring (or even summer) weather in other parts of the country, but in western Washington, the rains continue unabated. Rather than fight it, Wolf Haven is reprinting an article which originally ran in the winter issue of our members-benefit magazine, Wolf Tracks. Just for fun, we’ve added some more pictures of mushrooms that can be found on our prairie.

By Anne Schuster, Prairie Specialist, Wolf Haven

The rainy season of the Pacific Northwest is also the season of mushrooms. Mushrooms are the reproductive parts of underground fungi, sort of like the flower version of a fungus. Most parts of a fungus are microscopic, living in and among plants and soil. Fungi make up 90% of the living material in forest soil. There are estimated to be up to 5 million species of fungus, but less than 10% of those species are known to science. Fungi, which are more closely related to animals than plants, are amazingly important for humans. The antibiotic penicillin, yeast for baking bread and brewing alcoholic beverages, and delicious truffles are all types of fungi. Fungi were the first living organisms to colonize land; they might stimulate clouds to rain with their spores; and are a huge reason earth is not covered in dead plants and toxic materials. Fungi are one of the few things that can decompose the cellulose from dead trees, but there are also species of fungi that can metabolize dangerous metals, bacteria, and even nuclear waste into safer products.

Next time you are out at Wolf Haven, keep an eye out for some of these mushrooms on our prairie, and also give thanks for their role in our world.

Little mushrooms

Little mushrooms

Turkey Tail fungi on logs

Turkey Tail fungi on logs



Mushrooms among moss

Mushrooms among moss

Witch's butter

Witch’s Butter

Huge mushrooms and author

Huge mushrooms and author

Pretty little mushrooms