Wolf Haven International

Wolf Haven International


Spring 2014

Spring has arrived at Wolf Haven, bringing with it the much anticipated blossoming of a wide range of prairie species. The wolves are beginning to shed their luxurious winter coats and are surrounded by new spring vegetation. Juvenile bald eagles, hawks and ravens hunker in the trees – it is a time of beauty and renewal.

Just as we are celebrating new life, we honor the lives of the wolves who passed away this winter. I once again feel honored to be working with the Wolf Haven community, who recognize that the quality of life for each wolf matters. As a “hands off” sanctuary, our animal care staff provide for the wolves’ physical, behavioral, and emotional needs while resisting the urge to push a human relationship on these inherently wild animals. While some of the wolves at the Haven were well cared for prior to being rescued, many of our wolves had experienced exploitation and abuse at the hands of humans. Once they arrive at Wolf Haven, our goal is to give them care in a way that honors the characteristics of their species. The needs of each individual animal are taken into consideration and we are passionate about giving every wolf the best possible life they can live while in captivity. As our partners in this work, you share the bittersweet emotions of saying goodbye to these animals you connect with – you grieve their passing while feeling peace knowing they were well cared for. We celebrate their long lives and with their passing we prepare to honor and care for the next animal in need.

I feel grief, yet a strong sense of purpose. With your support we fulfill a dual role of providing sanctuary for captive bred wolves while working to conserve wolves in the wild. It becomes increasingly difficult to read about archaic practices and laws based on old myths and unfounded fears. But change is on the horizon. Ethical hunters are beginning to speak out about the frivolous killing of wildlife. The importance of the individual animal to the health of a wild population is becoming increasingly evident to wildlife biologists and conservationists. People around
the world are paying attention. Thank you for joining with us in making a difference.

Diane Gallegos, April 2014

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