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Wolf Haven International


Winter 2014

Thank you. As we begin another year at Wolf Haven I am filled with gratitude that you recognize our accomplishments and provide such unwavering support for the work that we do. We are honored to provide a haven where wolves receive the best care and protection possible for the rest of their lives. As a sanctuary that also provides education, Wolf Haven is uniquely positioned to provide accurate information that not only increases science literacy, but even more importantly, nurtures one of the most important skills we can teach – empathy. Empathy is a core skill that is learned behavior, and children who don't develop empathy can become callous adults. We all know the importance of math and science literacy in today’s complex world. At the same time, we must touch the hearts of people of all ages and show that individuals matter. It is empathy that compels people to act with compassion. I believe it is that compassion that will make the difference for wolves in the wild in the 21st Century.

The need for teaching empathy is clear. Youmay have read in the news over the years about wildlife killing contests. They have been around for decades throughout the west. Sometimes it is a “rattlesnake roundup” where snakes are handled roughly, decapitated and butchered in large numbers in front of an audience, including small children, as entertainment. Recently a town in Idaho hosted a coyote and wolf derby. Prizes were offered to contestants who killed the largest wolf and the most female coyotes. There is no evidence showing that these killing contests serve any beneficial management function, and these wolves and coyotes are not providing food for a family. It is hard to imagine these contests could be described as ethical hunting. Instead they send a message that life has little value and individuals are disposable.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote “the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Thank you for your example of compassion and your support of each and every wolf inour care. They each have their own story – stories that have touched the hearts of thousands of people around the world. We could not do this work without you.

Diane Gallegos, February 2014

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