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Ask Yourself Why.

States are getting tough on wolf-dog owners, and the list of those that prohibit or heavily regulate wolf-dog ownership continues to grow...
States prohibiting and/or regulating wolf-dog ownership

Why would you want to own a wolf-dog? Be honest. Could it be the idea of befriending or dominating a "wild" creature; fulfilling a fantasy; or establishing a spiritual connection with nature? Do you think wolf-dogs are "cool-looking" dogs? Whatever the reason, the answer is often tied to a desire for special status or recognition.

It is our belief, based upon decades of experience, that there are no good reasons for wanting to own a wolf-dog. The fact that a person may have a great deal of fondness for wolves is no justification for the amount of neglect, abuse, confinement, abandonment and euthanization inflicted upon these animals.

In addition, by seeking a bond with wolves through wolf-dog ownership, we are literally loving the real wolf to death. Breeding wolves with dogs does not preserve wild wolf populations, and instead places them at risk by threatening genetic purity and negatively impacting public attitudes toward wolves. As for the wolf-dogs themselves, they are the victims of a highly lucrative pet trade that heavily relies upon a potential owner?s ignorance or disregard of the truth about wolf-dog hybrids.

How can you know that you're really getting a "90% wolf-dog", or a "low content wolf-dog", or an animal that contains any wolf at all? The truth is, you can't?

Wolves and dogs make a dangerous mix. But you think you know dogs? That your wolf-dog would be different because you can handle any dog? Think again?

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