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It has only been within the last couple of decades that biologists have been able to learn about wild wolf behavior. This is mostly due to advances in technology that have enabled scientists to study wild animals in ways that were previously unavailable. Yet it is also due, in large part, to the fact that today there are wolves in the wild, thanks to recent wolf recovery efforts.

- Wolf Biology & Ecology

Wolf recovery in the conterminous United States has been highly successful in some areas. Find out where we're going and where we've been in regard to wolf recovery:

- Wolf Recovery in the U.S.

There is more information available on wolves today than ever before. Check up on the latest wolf news headlines, learn about wolf conservation efforts and learn how to determine good (accurate) information from bad information (misinformation).

- Wolf Education

Part of Wolf Haven's mission of working for wolf conservation is educating the public on the value of all wildlife... And the education doesn't stop there!

Whether you're a teacher, student there are numerous opportunities for learning at Wolf Haven International:

- Learning Opportunities at Wolf Haven

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