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Flora of the Prairie

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Camas Lily

Edible Plants

For generations, Native Americans have used the plants around them for food and medicine. It has been reported that the various tribes on this continent used more than 1,000 species of plants for food alone. Native plants are nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals, and many are excellent sources of protein.

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Red Columbine

Medicinal Plants

Native people weren't just sitting around holding their sick stomach, nursing terrible headaches or waiting for a drug store to finally open in their neighborhoods. They needed look no farther than the surrounding prairie and woodlands for help in healing their pain. Much of the collective wisdom about these healing plants was lost with the devastation of the native tribes. Many prairie plants in North America are just now being studied for possible treatment of cancer and heart disease and for their immune-stimulating properties, needed in the fight against viruses.

Wolf Haven
Chocolate Lily

"In the old days the baskets carried and stored our foods. We relied upon the baskets, the rivers, the land, the roots, the berries, the fish, and the animals. Our lives were tied together by the Creator."-Liichaat

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