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Interested in Wolves?

From "Den Digs" to "Wolf Cafe", Wolf Haven International has educational presentations for people of all ages!

Wolf Haven offers a variety of presentations focusing on a number of conservation themes. There are several special, age-appropriate programs available; from kindergarteners to seniors, there is a program for your group. We can even bring one to your classroom, meeting or special event.

California Presentations: Wolf presentations will also be available in Southern California during the 2015 winter months. Contact Skie Bender, education outreach, at sbender@wolfhaven.org or call her at 714.336.5798 for information and to schedule.

Wolf Haven 

"Such a great program to wrap up our study of Pacific Northwest!  The kids got gobs of info and a wonderful understanding of wolves and their importance to the balance of our environment."  Dawn Holmgren-Home school parent

Wolf Haven offers a discount to Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) accredited schools.

Choose From These Educational Programs

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Animal Care at Wolf Haven Grades 6 - Adult

Take a behind the scenes look at caring for the wolves of Wolf Haven. Where do the wolves come from? Learn about our philosophy regarding feeding and daily care of our residents. Presentation includes the challenges of managing a wild animal in captivity and the handling of veterinary emergencies.

Den Digs Grades K-2

All animals have a habitat. Learn about the four components of wolf habitat: food, water, shelter, and space through hands-on activities. See if you can survive the challenges of wolves in the wild.

Wolf Sense Grades 3-6

What do wolves feel, see, smell, hear, and touch? Learn about a wolf's senses and how they are both similiar and very different to your own. Lots of hands-on activities included.

The Wolf Café Grades 3-6

What's on the menu at the wolf café and how is the wolf adapted for its role as a key predator? Study how the roles of predator/prey species are determined by their adaptations and survival strategy. Learn this and more while examining our skulls, antlers, and horns.

Vanishing Creatures Grades 4-8

Find out what makes an animal more susceptible to becoming endangered or extinct. Dress-up like mock endangered species and discover why some day they too may become extinct. Learn what you can do to help endangered species make a come back.

Wolf Recovery Grades 6-Adult

What happened to the wolf and its habitat? What is Wolf Haven, along with many other organizations, doing to help the wolf in its recovery? Come learn about the recovery plans of the gray wolf, red wolf, and Mexican gray wolf.

Wolves of Washington Grades 9-Adult

After an almost 70 year absence, wolves have returned to Washington.  Where are they and how are they making a living?  How are they affecting the people who live in Washington?  Learn all this and more during this Washington focused program.

World of Wolves Grades 8-Adult

A brief glimpse at the behavior, physical characteristics and social structure that makes the wolf such a unique animal.

Wolf Jeopardy Grades 4-Adult*

Calling all contestants! Test your knowledge of wolves, wolf conservation, and wolf recovery. How much do you really know about this unique creature? *Add this to any age-appropriate presentation for an additional $1.00 per person.

Wolf Haven

Wolf Sanctuary Tour

Wolf Haven 

"The tour was very informative, kids and parents gave outstanding feedback.  For the classroom, well lead and very interactive...had the boys on the edge of their seat.  Thanks for everything" Annette Settle-Cub Scout Pack 562

Enjoy a guided tour of our wolf sanctuary which features an opportunity to see our resident wolves. You will be able to compare the differences between our gray wolves, red wolves, and the very rare Mexican gray wolves. You might even be so lucky as to hear our wolves howl!  



Enrichment Tour of Wolf Sanctuary

Wolf Haven 

"It was an outstanding field trip.  The parents and kids loved it."  Laurie Dye-Artondale Elementary

Would you like to have a closer look at our wolves? Come join us on an enrichment tour to get the up close look you've been waiting for. An enrichment program is a way to keep the wolves stimulated by introducing new items into their environment. An enrichment item can be food, a toy, a scent object - nearly anything! You will be able to watch the wolves play with their jerky, sardines, pizza boxes, or other fun item.


Program costs for non-school groups

On-site group tour only (wolf sanctuary tour)

Students: $6 each
Adults: $8 each
Seniors (65+): $7 each

Educational programs

Add $3 per individual (all ages)

Off-site programs*

First presentation: $125
Additional presentations (same day & location): $60
*Off-site programs require an additional travel expense of $0.75 per mile.

Program costs for OSPI accredited schools

The discounted rate for schools apply only to those groups booking both a tour and an educational presentation.

On-site school tour and educational presentation.

Students: $7 each
Adults: $8 each

Is your school group seeking financial assistance for a field trip? Target offers field trip grants annually.


Decide whether or not you would like to visit Wolf Haven International or have Wolf Haven visit you. Space is limited, so plan early!

For questions, to make a reservation or visit, please contact (360) 264-4695 x222 or e-mail our education department.

Once your group visit is confirmed, Wolf Haven will require a $50 deposit to secure your reservation.

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