Wolf Haven International

Media Kit Information

Interested in learning more about Wolf Haven International? We are grateful for your interest and are happy to respond to requests from the media regarding Wolf Haven and our work for wolf conservation.

To request a media kit, please contact Kim Young, Communications Director, kimy@wolfhaven.org, please specify preference of hard or electronic copy.

Photography and video opportunities
for the media.

Opportunities exist for the media to obtain footage of Wolf Haven's wolves, and programs for public use. Photographers and videographers on assignment from magazines, TV programs, etc. from which Wolf Haven will benefit are not charged for shooting/filming sessions.

Photographers from educational programs, publications, etc. may be charged at a reduced rate on a case-by-case basis, if at all.

Contact Kim Young, Communications Director, at kimy@wolfhaven.org or call (360)264-4695 x 217.

Wolf Haven does not permit
photographing or filming for profit.

Please note that copies of the material in which Wolf Haven’s wolves or other images appear (including video, DVD, magazine and newspaper articles, books, etc.) are always gratefully appreciated – especially if we are able to utilize the materials for educational purposes.

Wolf Haven does request that whenever images or footage obtained at our sanctuary are used, it shall be acknowledged that the pictures/footage were taken at Wolf Haven International, a wolf sanctuary, Tenino, Washington.

Proposal submission suggestions.

Consideration of your request can be given priority if a few key elements are included (please be as concise and brief as possible):
1. Provide a brief history of your photographing/filming experience including other organizations you've worked with.
2. Tell us why you are interested in filming at Wolf Haven and how you found us.
3. Tell us specifically how the photographs and/or footage you obtain would be used. Tell us where the images will appear (newspaper or magazine name; television program network & name).
4. Provide a brief outline of your project or segment.
5. Tell us how Wolf Haven's wolves will benefit from your project.

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