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Wolf Haven

Photo by Nancy Hertzel


Wolf Haven's prairie and Mima Mound habitat is an extremely unique environment. Our prairie is a wonderful place to walk and observe seasonal changes. Throughout the year, 50 species of birds can be found there, from big eagles and vultures soaring overhead to little Brown Creepers on the tree-trunks and hummingbirds in the bushes, not to mention the seven different species of sparrow trilling and buzzing all around in the spring and summer. Why so many birds? The prairie is maintained with native vegetation, which attracts abundant wildlife. Beautiful purple camas bloom in the spring, and snowberries and kinnikinnick fruit in the fall. Take time to look down at your feet as you walk in any season and you might see the little tell-tale hole that is the hiding place of the wolf spider, a cute little critter with eight eyes. If you like to walk outside, with flowers and grasses and wild creatures on every side (and the occasional sound of wolves howling in the distance), this is the place for you.

And let's not forget the BUTTERFLIES! Here is a visual list of the beautiful butterflies that you may be lucky enough to see on our prairie. They are attracted to specific native prairie plants.

If butterflies aren't exciting enough, we even have bat boxes!

 Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven's prairie is also a translocation site for the state threatened Mazama Pocket Gopher.

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