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Welcome to the donation page for the Wolf Pack Charity Project!

You have reached the WHI-hosted official donations page for the Sterek Campaign's Wolf Pack Charity Project! Here you will be able to donate directly to Wolf Haven International as a part of the project. You can also log into your Paypal account and send money directly to PattP@wolfhaven.org!

We all (especially the wolves themselves) cannot thank you enough for your generosity. All of the money donated goes directly into the care for the amazing wolves that make this sanctuary their home. Donations go toward purchasing food, medical care, and enrichment (amongst other much needed items) as well as helping to maintain their enclosures at the haven.

So really, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Click below and then enter the amount you would like to donate at the Paypal site! You can pay through a credit card at the Paypal site without needing to create a Paypal account.

Want more information?

What is Wolf Haven International?

Wolf Haven International (WHI) is a beautiful 82-acre wolf rescue and sanctuary located in Tenino, WA. Since 1982 they have helped to rescue and care for over 170 captive-born wolves. They also participate in Species Survival Plans (SSP) (ie: foster programs) for the incredibly endangered Mexican grey wolf and the similarly endangered red wolf. They work to maintain healthy and stimulating environments within the sanctuary for the wolves, educate the public on our furry friends, and provide some really stellar care for their residents; and let us just say, they have some wolves after our own hearts!

Who couldn't love this face??

Wolf eating a delicious slice of watermelon!

Rescues like this are always in need of donations, monetary and material. They do not get federal funding to care for their rescues or the wolves in their SSP program. There is no profit in running this sort of much-needed safe haven for these beautiful creatures. They have to somehow find the ability to pay for the food, the enclosures, the water bills, the enrichment toys, and all the other various costs accrued through their work to protect their residents.

This is where we come in! This is where we can help!

This where we can extend a paw that could save lives down the road.

Because that is what sanctuaries like Wolf Haven International do. They save lives. They are brought in to bad situations, like that of the absolutely gorgeous Eve, who spent nine years of her life strung out on an 8-foot drag chain at the same filthy road side attraction as Klondike, their newest resident. Both of these animals, as well as many others, have found a safe, clean, lifelong home at Wolf Haven International.

So again, thank you for your help. Wolf snuggles for all!

Two kissy face wolves

(Photos are by Julie Lawrence and belong to Wolf Haven International. All are used with permission)

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