About Your Sanctuary Visit

Visits by reservation only. Click the “Schedule Your Sanctuary Visit” button or call 360.264.4695 x210. 

Adults – $13/ Senior (62+) / Active Military / Student – $11
Youth (4-12) – $7.50 / Child (3 & under) – Free

Times (Fall/Winter schedule)
Saturday visits are scheduled at 10:00; 11:30; 1:00; 2:30
Sunday visits are scheduled: 11:30; 1:00; 2:30

The sanctuary will be closed on Sunday, December 25 and Sunday, December 31.

Wolf Haven is a Sanctuary

Welcome to Wolf Haven International. See some of the wolves while enjoying a 50-minute guided walking visit of our sanctuary.

What is Sanctuary?

A sanctuary exists solely for its residents, and as such, their welfare should be its highest priority. A sanctuary commits to the highest level of care, and every action or procedure is examined to ensure that it best serves the animals living there. A true sanctuary does not cater to the needs and desires of people; it follows an animal-centric rather than a human-centered approach.

There is no question that all animals, both wild and domestic, “feel” their lives. They are unique, living, breathing beings with a full complement of emotions, so how we treat them matters greatly.  A sanctuary provides a safe, lifetime home where its residents are free to express themselves and be appreciated for who and what they are. For those who have suffered at the hands of humans, a sanctuary helps to restore their sense of self – for that is the nature of a true sanctuary.

A sanctuary is more than just a safe haven. It is a philosophy and a guiding principle that considers all aspects of an animal’s well-being and ensures that they are treated with compassion, respect and dignity from the day they arrive until their end of days.

Wolf Haven is a hands-off sanctuary, which means that our animal care staff do not socialize with the wolves and there is absolutely no physical contact between visitors and the wolves under any circumstances.

What Wolf Haven visitors can expect

      • A 50-minute guided walking visit through the public portion of the wolf sanctuary.
      • Learn about wolves, both in captivity and in the wild. (Please note: This visit may not be suitable for children ages six and under due to its informative nature.)
      • Potentially see up-to 10 sanctuary residents.
      • A beautiful, natural and serene atmosphere.
      • An optional self-guided trail walk through restored, mounded prairie (during hours when sanctuary visits are scheduled).
      • A wheelchair is available upon request

Sanctuary Etiquette

You are a guest in the wolves’ home. Wolves are wild animals and highly sensitive to their environment. In order to enhance your visit and respect their nature, we ask that you…

          • Stay together as a group (or pack).
          • Speak quietly and step softly.
          • Mute your cell phone.
          • Enjoy snacks outside of the sanctuary.
          • Dress for inclement weather; wear comfortable shoes.
          • Leave your pets at home.
          • Please step off of the property to smoke.
          • Cameras and bottled water inside the sanctuary are fine.