About Your Sanctuary Visit

Visits by reservation only. Click the “Schedule Your Sanctuary Visit” button or call 360.264.4695 x210. 

Adults – $12/ Senior (62+) / Active Military / Student – $10
Youth (4-12) – $7 / Child (3 & under) – Free

Times (Spring/Summer)
Friday, Saturday & Monday visits are scheduled at 10:00; 11:30; 1:00; 2:30
Sunday visits are scheduled: 11:30; 1:00; 2:30

Wolf Haven is a Sanctuary

Welcome to Wolf Haven International. See some of the wolves while enjoying a 50-minute guided walking visit of our sanctuary.

What is Sanctuary?

A sanctuary exists solely for its residents, and as such, their welfare should be its highest priority. A sanctuary commits to the highest level of care, and every action or procedure is examined to ensure that it best serves the animals living there. A true sanctuary does not cater to the needs and desires of people; it follows an animal-centric rather than a human-centered approach.

There is no question that all animals, both wild and domestic, “feel” their lives. They are unique, living, breathing beings with a full complement of emotions, so how we treat them matters greatly.  A sanctuary provides a safe, lifetime home where its residents are free to express themselves and be appreciated for who and what they are. For those who have suffered at the hands of humans, a sanctuary helps to restore their sense of self – for that is the nature of a true sanctuary.

A sanctuary is more than just a safe haven. It is a philosophy and a guiding principle that considers all aspects of an animal’s well-being and ensures that they are treated with compassion, respect and dignity from the day they arrive until their end of days.

What Wolf Haven visitors can expect

      • A 50-minute guided walking visit through the public portion of the wolf sanctuary.
      • Learn about wolves, both in captivity and in the wild. (Please note: This visit may not be suitable for children ages six and under due to its informative nature.)
      • Potentially see up-to 10 sanctuary residents.
      • A beautiful, natural and serene atmosphere.
      • An optional self-guided trail walk through restored, mounded prairie (during hours when sanctuary visits are scheduled).
      • A wheelchair is available upon request

Sanctuary Etiquette

You are a guest in the wolves’ home. Wolves are wild animals and highly sensitive to their environment. In order to enhance your visit and respect their nature, we ask that you…

          • Stay together as a group (or pack).
          • Speak quietly and step softly.
          • Mute your cell phone.
          • Enjoy snacks outside of the sanctuary.
          • Dress for inclement weather; wear comfortable shoes.
          • Leave your pets at home.
          • Please step off of the property to smoke.
          • Cameras and bottled water inside the sanctuary are fine.

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