What It’s Like to Work With Wolves (part 5 of a 5-part series) by Wolf Haven International

So Why Work with Wolves? by Brennan Stoelb, Animal Care Specialist

When it comes to getting messy, it’s part of the job. I obviously shop at Goodwill. I know that the animals are getting a great variety of food and that care and thought is used to ensure that they remain healthy. It’s also great to know that the road kill is being used for a great cause.

Smiling through the rain.

Smiling through the rain.

So at this point, we’ve learned that 1) animal care doesn’t play with wolves 2) it can be pretty unpleasant to work in inclement weather and 3) animal care staff not only deal with wolves, but can also be terrorized by the local wildlife (snakes and hornets, for example) and 4) it can be a pretty stinky job. That hits the nail on the head, doesn’t it?

Snake decides to take a shortcut through our offices.

This snake decided to take a shortcut through our office.

So why do I it? Well, when an animal wants nothing to do with me, doesn’t seek my attention, as in the case of wolves, they are simply doing what they should be doing. It means they are acting as a wild animal. We all want to be wanted and needed, but all they need is to be is left alone. Our residents always arrive at Wolf Haven with varying degrees of human sociability, due to their unique circumstances, and that’s ok. As long as they are comfortable with my presence as I go about my day, performing tasks to allow them a good life, I’m content with that.

Sitka rolls in bear poop donated from Woodland Park Zoo.

Sitka rolls in bear poop donated from Woodland Park Zoo. Ahh, the fragrance!

As for the weather, very rarely do I look at the forecast. I simply assume that every day the weather will be awful and then I’m never let down. I get to be outside, and I’ll never argue with that.

As for the local wildlife……there is nothing redeeming about snakes and hornets.

Brennan & volunteer Larry Oggs do another animal care glamour job - paint

Brennan & volunteer Larry Ogg hard at work on another animal care glamour job – painting.


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  1. peggy Hardin
    peggy Hardin says:

    I think what you are doing is wonderful! I love the wolves and dont know what has happened to the mentality of those who are slaughtering them just because they are there. Keep up the good work !Thanks so much!!

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