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What to Wear & Bring

One of the most important factors to consider when planning your visit to Wolf Haven is the weather.

We suggest that our visitors always expect rain while in this part of western Washington. As the saying around here goes, "if you can't do it in the rain, you can't do it". It's always a good idea to bring an umbrella with you in the car, in case of inclement weather. Not to worry though – rain doesn't bother the wolves, so your wolf-watching opportunities won't be hindered.

Wolf Haven

From mid-June through mid-September, blue skies and sunshine generally prevail, so be sure to bring plenty of sun block and a hat. If the temperature reaches 95 degrees, we will close the sanctuary. Overnite campers should bring a warm layer.

Fall, winter, and spring can be rather chilly and wet -- so be sure to bring along some extra layers and a raincoat.

Comfortable walking shoes are good to have in any kind of weather. While visitors do not hike a great distance and remain on fairly level ground, our tour is about an hour in length.

Photographing the wolves:

Visitors are welcome to take photographs while on tour in the wolf sanctuary however we do ask that you adhere to a few rules (photographs are taken through the wolves' 8 -10 foot habitat fencing): 1. Please remain with your group at all times 2. Tripods and monopods are prohibited within the sanctuary. 3. Please try to limit your use of flash - we realize this may be difficult with automatic cameras, but we ask that you not bring along heavy duty flash equipment or strobes. 4. Photographs, videos, and other recordings of the wolves taken at Wolf Haven Intl. are permitted for personal use only. Images of the wolves can not be used for any commercial purposes -- either directly or reproduced in another form. Copyrights of the images can not be sold or transferred for any reason.

Photographers on assignment please contact Kim Young, in order to arrange your visit.

Camera (no tripods or monopods, except on Photo Tours)
Comfortable walking shoes
Sun block/hat


Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven has a gift store with limited snack items such as cookies, candy and bottled water. We encourage visitors to bring along a picnic, as our grounds are beautiful and we have a number of shaded tables available. Although we encourage you to bring a human food picnic, visitors are not allowed to bring food for our wolves.

For questions or to arrange a group program or visit, please contact Education at 360.264-4695 x222.
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