Wolf Haven International

Wheels for Wolves

Since 1982, Wolf Haven has rescued more than 170 displaced, captive-born wolves from roadside zoos, animal collectors, private owners, research and other facilities.

Here’s one way that YOU can help wolves: donate your car (boat, motorcycle, or RV) to Wolf Haven International. It’s very easy to do.

Just call toll-free number 877.537.5277 or visit donatingiseasy.org and select Wolf Haven International as the charity of your choice. Arrangements will be made for the vehicle, keys and title to be picked up – it’s that simple.

Wolf Haven receives approximately 70% of the sales proceeds after towing fees and other expenses. Donors receive an acknowledgement letter for their car donation and can check with the Internal Revenue Service or their tax advisor for information on the tax deductibility of their donation.

Visit donatingiseasy.org to learn more or to donate YOUR Wheels for Wolves.

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