Wolf Haven International

Wolf Haven International is a nationally recognized wolf sanctuary that has rescued and provided a lifetime home for 300 displaced, captive-born animals since 1982. Our mission is “To conserve and protect wolves and their habitat.

Many of the relocated wolves were privately owned; others came from zoos, roadside attractions or other unfortunate situations. Our wolves are given exceptional care, quality food, a variety of enrichment items and progressive medical treatment. Guided, scheduled 50-minute walking visits offer guests a rare, close-up view of wolves; (Wolf Haven is closed until further notice.)

Wolf Haven is accredited by both the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association.


Visiting Our Sanctuary

Wolf Haven is located in South Puget Sound, between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Our sanctuary is approximately 12 miles south of the Washington State Capitol in Olympia.

Wolf Haven International
3111 Offut Lake Rd. SE
Tenino, WA 98589
360.264.4695 or 800.448.9653

Wolf Haven operates under a reservation system. Wolf Haven is closed until further notice.

Our Programs

Wolf Haven reaches thousands of people annually through sanctuary visits and education. Our educational curriculum focuses not only on the wolf and its role in the wild but is also designed to raise the level of environmental literacy in people of all ages. Both on and offsite classroom presentations, bilingual presentations (English and Spanish) and community outreach are methods we use to connect nature to people.  Contact education@wolfhaven.org or 360264.4695 x223 for more information.

Wolf Haven participates in two federally managed Species Survival Plan programs for critically endangered wolves. Our sanctuary is a captive breeding facility for the red wolf and one of only three pre-release breeding facilities in the U.S. for the Mexican gray wolf.