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The Wolf, The Man and The Bear

A wolf encountered a man. He asked, “Why do you want to kill me? The man replied, “Because I can.” The wolf went on. He met another man. He asked, “Why do you shoot my deer? The man replied, “I want them on my wall.  And I can.” The wolf met a bear. He asked, […]

bucket and tub day

Yesterday was bucket and tub day. While the wolves’ water buckets are emptied and refilled with clean water at least daily, on an as-needed basis (usually once a week) we pull every water bucket and 50 gallon splash tub out of each enclosure and giving them a thorough cleaning before replacing and refilling. Because we operate on a well […]

Letter From Executive Director Diane Gallegos

Greetings! Many thanks for your support in 2012.  With your help we made it through a very challenging year stronger than ever.  Our animal friends got through the winter (so far!) in good shape and I am so excited to be open to the public again!   We have jumped into 2013 well poised to really […]

SSP wolf update

Happy Monday everyone – A quick animal update: The biggest news is we caught up quite a few of our male Species Survival Plan (SSP) animals for semen collection and banking last week. For two days we hosted the Point Defiance Zoo reproductive team as well as a reproductive specialist out of the St. Louis […]

"Wolves in Washington" presentation on Thursday, 3/7

“Wolves in Washington”, a traveling wolf exhibit, is on display at the Washington State Library from Feb 4 – April 12, 2013. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by to see this interesting display, organized by the Burke Museum, University of Washington (in consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Washington […]

Breeding season, landscaping and aging gracefully

February 18, 2013 Things are pretty normal in the sanctuary. Clarice, our oldest girl, continues to do well. Klondike, our newest guy, is acting like he’s been here his whole life and has really settled in well. And thankfully, no major health issues with anyone!   Breeding season is getting into full swing. We have […]

Wolves A Poem

by Sophia McMurray age 9 (This poem is dedicated to Eve. My wolf that I adopted from Wolf Haven.) The moon is full and the pack is howling. They’re on the hunt and the leader’s growling. They look so graceful in the night as if they were getting ready for flight. In the den the […]