The Trouble With Wolves – Tacoma Weekly

May 9 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm The Grand Cinema, Tacoma, WA


May World of Wolves – Requiem for wolves

Wolf memorial cemetery

Wolf memorial cemetery

Losing one of our sanctuary residents is never easy. Whether their passing is quick and unexpected, the end to a long disease process, or simply, old age, each one touches us in their unique way.

Haven for Howlers – South Sound Magazine

Lexi, photo by Anice Bommerscheim

Lexi, photo by Anice Bommerscheim

Lexi was born in 2003 and spent the beginning of her young life tethered to an 8-foot-long drag chain with about 30 other wolves and wolfdogs.  People paid $5 to see them at a now-defunct tourist attraction in Alaska before she was rescued.

Wolf Haven in Top 12 Things to Do list – South Sound Talk

Experience Olympia Names Thurston County’s Top 12 Things to Do. Wolf Haven International is a hands-off facility meaning there is no socialization between humans and the incredible wolves in their south Thurston County refuge. Founded on the idea that animals, like humans, deserve to be appreciated for who and what they are, the sanctuary assures they are treated …

King5 News – Documentary captures two sides of wolf story

A new film called The Trouble with Wolves captures the controversy, as ranchers and ecologists square off with wolves caught in the middle. The footage of wolves in the film was shot at Wolf Haven International.
ChannelKing5 highlights the making of this documentary: The Trouble With Wolves Captures Two Sides.
Wolf Haven will host a free showing of the hour-long documentary by Collin Monda at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA at 6:30 pm on May 9, 2018. Seating is limited to the first 74 to arrive.

April World of Wolves – Wolves & Their Easter Eggs

In the wild, wolves encounter enrichment items continually – new sights, new smells, new experiences. We do what we can to approximate the natural world for wolves in captivity by planting trees and shrubs in their enclosures, providing main meals 2-3 times per week (feast or famine), and giving them novel things to explore which stimulate their senses and keen intellect.

March World of Wolves – Wolves in the Snow

Juno in the snowAlthough snow isn’t unheard of in western Washington, it also isn’t very common. Even when it does snow, it’s unusual for the snow to remain on the ground for several days. Our animal care staff celebrated this event by taking photos of some of Wolf Haven residents surrounded by the white stuff.

South Sound Ecological Burn Program – Centralia Chronicle

Prescribed burning began in Thurston County on July 12 at Glacial Heritage near Rochester. Those operations then expanded to include the Tenalquot Prairie area through Aug. 1 when smoke from around the region shut down the operation for two weeks. Once the smoke cleared, operations resumed on 14 acres at Wolf Haven near Tenino.

Olympia Named a Top 100 Place to Live

The capital of Washington, this modest-sized city offers vibrant culture, a charming downtown and a range of outdoor activities for residents. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Tumwater Falls Park and Wolf Haven International are just three of many natural attractions, and Puget Sound provides fantastic views, boating opportunities and great seafood.

January 2018 World of Wolves – Beginning the New Year on a Positive Note

Thank you to each and every one of you! Although you can’t see our gratitude, we feel as exuberant as our “Fresno Four” family of red wolves.