At least 54 species of birds have been identified at Wolf Haven, ranging from ravens, hawks and eagles to chickadees and swallows. Visitors to our wolf sanctuary usually hear melodic bubbling, raspy caws, musical whistles and single croaks all around them. They also notice a very large society of crows, ravens and jays sharing our sanctuary with our wolves. In nature, wolves use these corvids as aerial spotters for possible sources of food. In exchange for this, the corvids share in the feast provided by the wolves when they bring down their prey.

Bird watcher and volunteer Treesa Hertzel of the Audubon Society monitors the variety of bird species that appear on Wolf Haven property or in the sky overhead. She provides a detailed list of her Monthly Bird Sightings HERE.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Project Bluebird has successfully encouraged bluebird nesting on our prairie through placement of bluebird boxes, which are periodically monitored.