Flora at Wolf Haven

lupinus-lepidus-rod-gilbertPrairie land has a special beauty and the mounded landscape at Wolf Haven reveals an ever-changing seasonal display. Spring and summer bring bursts of color from native flowering plants like red columbine and shooting star, while later months reveal dry native grasses and bracken fern.

Wolf Haven is part of a regional program to collect seed and grow native plants from a variety of genetic stocks. Prairie plant partners include The Nature Conservancy, The Center for Natural Lands Management, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Department of Defense, US Army, Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Flora that can be seen on the prairie includes:

  • larkspur
  • early blue violet
  • goldenrod
  • western panicum grass
  • purple camas
  • lupine
  • Oregon sunshine
  • shooting star
  • sticky and silver cinquefoil
  • woodland strawberry runners

and many other plants and flowers. Thousands of endangered golden paintbrush plants have been planted as part of an extremely rare species recovery program. These native plants, in turn, enhance our rare butterfly habitat.