Year of Birth: 2011
Wolf Haven resident since: 2015

Ione is a young female wolf with a rich, charcoal-colored coat and striking yellow eyes. She was a lone wild wolf living in Eastern Washington who became habituated to humans, guardian dogs and domestic livestock at a local ranch. Although Ione had not depredated, it didn’t serve the wolf recovery process nor the community for a carnivore habituated to human activity to continue living in the area. Wolf Haven cautiously offered to try the option of sanctuary (as opposed to lethal removal), and she came here in February 2015. We do our best to provide Ione with a life that allows her to be a wild as possible, while giving her space off of the public visitor route. She shares an enclosure with male wolfdog Luca and the two seem very attached to one another. Ione is the only wild-born wolf living at Wolf Haven.