Wolf Haven News

Letter to the Community from Wolf Haven

These are difficult times. As we take all necessary precautions to be safe, our thoughts are with you, our friends and supporters. We hope each one of you is caring for yourself and your loved ones, and that all is well with you.  Read Letter.

March World of Wolves – Lobo Week

During the week of March 22-29, we celebrate the iconic Mexican wolf and recognize the 22nd anniversary of its reintroduction to the wild in the U.S. 

Wolf Haven’s Heroes – Pet Connection magazine Mar/Apr 2020

Wolf Haven International has provided a lifetime home for 300 displaced and captive-born canids since 1982. Each of us has a favorite memory of wolves rolling, playing, eating, interacting, and howling,……READ ARTICLE.

February 2020 World of Wolves – Gametes and Oocytes

A very important tool is the preservation of their gametes (reproductive cells) once the wolves have exceeded their prime reproductive years.

January 2020 World of Wolves – Welcome Grayling; Good-bye M2190

Meet Grayling, Wolf Haven’s newest resident. This big, four-year old white male wolf was transferred here from the Red River Zoo in Fargo, North Dakota. Grayling was part of a group of six animals…..