Wolf Haven News

July World of Wolves – Mexican pups get first health check

Six-week old Mexican wolf pup.

Six-week old Mexican wolf pup at first health check.

Mexican wolf parents M1360 (Kochi) and F1422 (Vida) had a litter of nine pups at Wolf Haven on April 30.

Sculpture of McCleery Wolf Planned – Bradford Era

The Kane Historic Preservation Society and the McCleery Discovery Center hope to see just that in the form of a metal sculpture to be installed in front of the Kane Depot at the intersection of Fraley and Biddle streets.

June World of Wolves – Thank you for your support!

Although Wolf Haven may be closed to the public, our thoughts are with our community. This is an extremely challenging time and we face an unknowable future. Through it all, though, we remain a family.

May World of Wolves – Two years later at McCleery Ranch

We check in with Wendy Spencer in Montana. She gives us an update on shoveling snow, acquiring deceased bulls, separating family groups of wolves and waiting for genetic test results.

Pre-order of film will benefit Wolf Haven International

Wolf Haven is excited to let our supporters know that the acclaimed documentary The Trouble With Wolves is now available for Pre-order. Many people have asked us how they can see this film – here is your chance. AND if 250 orders are reached, 50% of pre-release sale proceeds will be donated to Wolf Haven!