Goodbye Sequra

Sequra's first Wolf Haven adoption photo - 2005

One of earliest Wolf Haven “adoption” photos of Sequra – 2005

by Wendy Spencer, director of Animal Care

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our long-time resident and friend, Sequra.

Over the course of the last year we saw a slow decline in Sequra’s overall well-being. She had some generalized stiffness, muscle atrophy, weakness in her backend, and other issues that come with old age (loss of visual and auditory acuity, lethargy, change in appetite).  One of the most notable changes in Sequra was the gradual onset of what we can only assume was a canine form of dementia.  In the early stages, she would present with what seemed to be disorientation or confusion, and towards the end of her life, she spent countless hours “patrolling” the perimeter of her enclosure at a leisurely walk.

For months we closely monitored her behavior and given the fact that she engaged regularly with her enclosure mate, Lakota, and was excited for food and enrichment, we determined that she was still experiencing good quality of life. However, during the week of July 24, we noticed a significant change. Mobility was becoming more of an issue for her, and despite pain management, she seemed to be in discomfort. It became increasingly difficult for her to lie down and once she did, she struggled to get herself upright again. Her once voracious appetite began to wane and her overall zest for life seemed to be fading.

Lakota & Sequra

Lakota & Sequra

During the morning walk-through on July 29, animal care staff found Sequra lying in her deckpen, unable to stand. She tried numerous times and when she finally did manage to get herself upright, she was weak and her breath was labored. She stood only a moment before slumping back into a prone position. In consultation with our veterinarian, we talked through our options and sadly, they were limited. Anytime we are faced with a difficult end of life decision, we weigh our options very carefully and we agonize over whether or not it is the right thing to do. In Sequra’s case we determined that the kindest thing we could do for her was to help her pass on.

Looking into her clouded eyes as she laid panting on the cool floor of her deckpen, she seemed ready to go and as her caretakers, we felt obliged to honor her. Sequra passed peacefully in the comfort of her enclosure with the help of her familiar caretakers and most importantly, her canine friend, Lakota, close by.

As I watched her take her last breath, I thought back to the day we brought Sequra to Wolf Haven. She was just two years old at the time and had been rescued from a difficult situation. She was skinny and afraid and spent the first few weeks with her tail tucked as she hid behind the snowberry bushes in her enclosure whenever staff was present. In time, she regained her sense of self and it made our hearts happy to see her thrive in her new home. Over the years, Sequra was paired with three different males and she was kind, affectionate and a steadfast friend to each. Generosity of spirit and kindness of heart is the legacy she leaves (as well as her unique food caching skills).

Sequra's final adoption photo - 2016

Sequra’s final adoption photo – 2016

Rest in peace, beautiful Sequra.