Conservation Groups Collaborate to Celebrate Mexican Wolf

Once nearly extinct wolf reintroduced in wild 16 years ago
Tenino, WA – Wolf Haven International joins multiple conservation organizations throughout the United States and Mexico this week to honor and raise awareness of the Mexican gray wolf. This most unique subspecies of the gray wolf was nearly exterminated by the mid-1970s, when they had all but disappeared in both countries.  Seven remaining Mexican wolves were located and a binational recovery effort began to keep the species alive. Today’s population of Mexican gray wolves all originate genetically from those seven animals.

During the last week of March, wildlife advocates, wolf education centers, and captive breeding  facilities celebrate the 16th anniversary of the return of the endangered Mexican wolf to its ancestral home in the wilds of the southwest. Missing from the landscape for more than 30 years, the rarest and most unique subspecies of the gray wolf was reintroduced to the wild on March 29, 1998. Hashtag LoboWeek  is being used on all social media platforms as we jointly post information about this beautiful and still endangered animal.

Wolf Haven was approved to participate in the Mexican wolf Species Survival Plan (SSP) program in 1994. Since that time, the sanctuary has produced five litters of Mexican pups and released two packs, one of which, the Hawk’s Nest, was part of the initial release into the Blue Range Recovery Area. This pack would go on to produce  the first wild born pup. In 2009, six of Wolf Haven’s Mexican wolves were transferred to a participating facility in Saltillo, Mexico, Museo del Desierto.
Moss (M1066), a male Mexican wolf
at Wolf Haven International

Thirty-eight years after receiving protection under the Endangered Species Act, the Mexican wolf remains the most endangered mammal in North America and the most endangered subspecies of gray wolf in the world. It is estimated that a minimum of 83 Mexican wolves live in the wild and 248 in captivity in 52 facilities.

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