Samantha with the dark nose


by Wolf Haven Membership Coordinator Heather Hilf

One of our wonderful volunteers, Becky made us another delicious treat; this time it was pumpkin pie cake.  I was walking along the service road on my way to the gift shop, cake in hand for our Gift Shop manager, Sherry.  As I rounded the corner near Bart and Samantha’s enclosure,  I could see Bart watching me from the hilltop. Bart often watches staff and visitors that walk by but today I didn’t see Sam, one of our newer rescues.

Suddenly out of the brush inside her enclosure, I saw a bouncing, curious wolf.  Samantha jumped up and down, over and over.  Knowing how food motivated Samantha is and knowing what a keen sense of smell wolves have, I laughed out loud.  It was as if Sam was trying to convince me that she deserved that pumpkin treat for herself. Over and over, I saw this panting, excited head popping into view.  Man oh man, did she seem to want that cake!

We’ve seen Sam jump up & down on other occasions too, though. She seems curious about any activity going on around her. If you want to “ADOPT” Samantha, you can check out her mini-biography here. With a basic adoption, you’ll get a beautiful 4×6 color photo of her, a full biography, and an adoption certificate. And like Sam, you too will be jumping for joy.