Speak Up for Wolves in Alaska

“If we leave wolves alone, we’ll be the ones to benefit.” Marybeth Holleman

This guest Call to Action is by Marybeth Holleman, co-author of the book Among Wolves – Gordon Haber’s Insights into Alaska’s Most Misunderstood Animal. Ms. Holleman has also written a wonderful opinion page –  Just Like Us, Wolves Need Family to Thrive- which painstakingly recounts the fatal flaws in the US Fish and Wildlife proposal to delist the gray wolf.

“Wolves go to great lengths to stay with family; when important members are lost, families can disintegrate and remaining individuals often die.”

Among Wolves: What You Can Do by MaryBeth Holleman

Ask State of Alaska and U.S. Department of Interior to work together to create a     permanent protective buffer for Denali’s wolves on state lands along the northeastern borders of Denali National Park. Ask for this “win-win” solution: that the State of Alaska transfer a permanent no-take wildlife buffer conservation easement east of the national park to the federal government, in exchange for the federal government transferring a like-valued easement, or federal surplus property, or purchase value, to the State of Alaska.  A no-take buffer northeast of the park is the only way to rebuild and then sustain Denali’s wolf populations.

Write to:
Governor Sean Parnell: governor@alaska.gov
Don Striker, Denali National Park Superintendent Don Striker: don_striker@nps.gov
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell: secretary@ios.doi.gov

Jon Jarvis, National Park Service Director in DC: jon_jarvis@nps.gov
Joel Hard, NPS Alaska Deputy Regional Director: joel_hard@nps.gov
Cora Campbell, Commissioner, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game: cora.campbell@alaska.gov
Joe Balash, Commissioner, Alaska Dept of Natural Resources: joe.balash@alaska.gov

“Whenever an alpha wolf was shot or trapped, it set off a cascade of events that left most of the family dead and the rest scattered, rag-tag orphans.”

Ask Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell to condition the annual transfer of federal funds to state wildlife agencies – through the Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act – upon the state cooperatively managing wildlife around federally protected areas, such as national parks and wildlife refuges.  Alaska received $49 million from the Dept. of Interior just this year, most of it going to the ADFG Game Division, which conducts “intensive management” (predator control) that subverts national goals of wildlife conservation and restoration.

Write to:
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell: secretary@ios.doi.gov, feedback@ios.doi.gov

Jon Jarvis, National Park Service Director in DC: jon_jarvis@nps.gov
Joel Hard, NPS Alaska Deputy Regional Director: joel_hard@nps.gov

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  1. Scott Rondeau
    Scott Rondeau says:

    Please leave innocent wolves and other wildlife alone. Harming and killing of these beautiful animals is nothing more than needless, unjustified acts of human stupidity without merit or cause! As a long time Endangered Resources supporter, it saddens plus angers me that humans feel the need to act like idiots bringing harm to innocent animals! How shameful!

  2. Beverly Judge
    Beverly Judge says:

    Let the wolves live! Not only are they beautiful to see, they balance nature out, they keep the elk and deer herds from getting over populated, stronger and healthier by culling out the sick, old and weak ones, and the land benefits from them too, becouse its not getting over grazed, the rivers and lake shores have firmer banks, becouse there not being trampled down by overpopulated elk….ect. it a chain reaction that keeps mother nature beautiful and in balance. All becouse of the wolves! Wolves are a nesasary! Why do you think god created them! Everything has a purpose. So if you delist the wolves, then not only are you destroying them, your destroying nature and the animals that are part of the chain, the yen and yang / harmony and balance. So please keep them on the endangered list. We need them to live as they have for thousands of years before man came and almost wiped them out! Remember the tasmainian tiger? Most people dont becouse their gone and we cant get them back! Dont do this to our wolves too!

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