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Cienega pack

The first pack of Mexican gray wolves that were transferred from Wolf Haven for release into the wild was the Hawk’s Nest pack, in 1998. Two year’s later, on March 12, 2000, a second group of endangered Mexican wolves, the Cienega pack, left Wolf Haven for Seattle, WA, and then flown to AZ. Once there,  the […]

A Book Review of "Part Wild" by Ceiridwen Terrill

Part Wild is the real life story of Ceiridwen Terrill and her part wild wolf dog named Inyo.  Terrill tells a deeply honest truth about living with an animal that is neither wild nor tame.  Her need for safety and protection drove her to seek out a wolf dog but the result was that she spent […]


Today while doing the walk through I observed some posturing between our 3 sibling male Mexican gray wolves. The brothers, who are housed together, were born here at Wolf Haven (2 were born in 2007 and the other in 2008) . While the boys lived with their parents and female siblings for several years, they have been […]

The Wolf, The Man and The Bear

A wolf encountered a man. He asked, “Why do you want to kill me? The man replied, “Because I can.” The wolf went on. He met another man. He asked, “Why do you shoot my deer? The man replied, “I want them on my wall.  And I can.” The wolf met a bear. He asked, […]

bucket and tub day

Yesterday was bucket and tub day. While the wolves’ water buckets are emptied and refilled with clean water at least daily, on an as-needed basis (usually once a week) we pull every water bucket and 50 gallon splash tub out of each enclosure and giving them a thorough cleaning before replacing and refilling. Because we operate on a well […]

Letter From Executive Director Diane Gallegos

Greetings! Many thanks for your support in 2012.  With your help we made it through a very challenging year stronger than ever.  Our animal friends got through the winter (so far!) in good shape and I am so excited to be open to the public again!   We have jumped into 2013 well poised to really […]

SSP wolf update

Happy Monday everyone – A quick animal update: The biggest news is we caught up quite a few of our male Species Survival Plan (SSP) animals for semen collection and banking last week. For two days we hosted the Point Defiance Zoo reproductive team as well as a reproductive specialist out of the St. Louis […]