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Helping Save Mexican Gray Wolves (#1)

Plans are being made for the first release IN FIVE YEARS of Mexican gray wolves into the wild! Nearly exterminated in the wild during by the 1930s, the Mexican wolf remains one of the most endangered mammals in North America. In May, Wolf Haven’s Director of Animal Care, Wendy Spencer assisted in the care & […]

Endangered Species Day

Today, Wolf Haven International joins thousands of people and organizations in celebration of Endangered Species Day. It is the 40th anniversary of the momentous occasion when the Endangered Species Act was put into place, recognizing the imperiled status of far too many creatures, and creating federal protections for them. For our part, Wolf Haven is […]

Big day in the sanctuary

Big day in the sanctuary for some of our residents– Guy and Anna were moved to a large off-visit enclosure up on the hill away from the public visit route. If they choose, they can still catch a glimpse of visitors as they make their way along the public visit route, but given that both Guy and […]

Rocco is stretching! How about You!

Rocco is stretching! How about You! Please remember Rocco and his 49 neighbors at Wolf Haven International! Today is GiveBIG, when your donations are magically made even bigger (s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d)! Visit the Wolf Haven giving page on The Seattle Foundation’s website on Wed. May 15! Today!

How to STRETCH – in Six Simple Steps

The Proper Way to STRETCH On May 15, for a 24-hour period, The Seattle Foundation is hosting the 3rd annual GiveBig Campaign for participating nonprofit organizations. People from AROUND the world can make a donation to the listed charity of their choice anytime between midnight and midnight of that special date AND The Seattle Foundation […]

Happy Birthday to Shadow!

This lovely drawing of Shadow and Juno in their sanctuary enclosure was drawn by a young lady named Uma P., in honor of Shadow’s 3rd birthday. Uma & her mom visited Wolf Haven International to see the young wolf that she adopted at Christmas time.

See Sweetgrass documentary – sheepherding in American West

Join Wolf Haven International for a special screening of Sweetgrass at Evergreen State College followed by a discussion on wolf recovery and agriculture in the Pacific Northwest and abroad. This breath-taking documentary follows the last of the American west cowboys as they lead herds of sheep into the mountains of Montana. The discussion following the film […]

Feeding the Wolves at Wolf Haven

Our Wolf Feeding Schedule At Wolf Haven International, we have traditionally maintained a feeding schedule for the wolves that mimics a wild setting as much as possible. This means adjusting their diet to simulate a “feast or famine” style of eating.  (In the wild, wolves generally succeed in hunting one out of ten times.) We […]

brotherly love

Chai, one of our female San Bernardino wolves, was transported to the vet on Tuesday for surgery. Chai, who will be 10 this month, has remained intact since her arrival in 2000. She is housed with her brother, Myta Jr., who is altered, so there was no risk of pups. However, the last couple of years, she […]