An Unexpected Encounter


Photo of otters found on Pixabay.

Photo of otters found on Pixabay.

As if I didn’t think that Wolf Haven isn’t already the most amazing place, here is further affirmation: This morning at about 7:30, I was getting ready to head into the sanctuary and heard my dogs barking their heads off. My lab Harley is a “recreational” barker, so I tend not to pay too much attention, but my border/aussie is the best alarm system we could ask for.

Both were keenly focused in the direction of the service road that runs from the office and residential buildings out to the prairie. As I looked in that general direction, movement caught my eye and I saw a brown/black “slinky” looking animal. Too big to be a cat and the movement was all wrong but other than stray cats, coyotes and rabbits, there aren’t a lot of terrestrial animals that size that call Wolf Haven home. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an otter!

Just a few feet ahead of him or her were 3 or 4 more and then a few feet ahead of them, were another group of 4-5… all just booking it down the road!!! ten otters! We are fortunate to have a very healthy wetland on the west side of property and the pond has water year round, so we think that’s where they were heading and they seemed to know where they were going so perhaps it wasn’t their first walk-about at Wolf Haven.  From a distance, Patt, Diane and I watched as they slinked away, chatting to one another the whole way. What an unbelievable way to start the day!

Wendy Spencer, Director of Animal Care

Wolf Haven International

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  1. Jocelyne
    Jocelyne says:

    I once watched two otters playing on the ice of Lake Champlain. The winter had created ice heaves that were covered with snow. The otters would climb to the top and slide down on their stomach. This went on for a long time….until I had to leave because of the cold. They appeared to have a wonderful time at play.

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