Continuing Education during COVID-19

Zoom meeting with Girl Scout troop 44537 in Woodinville, WA

Zoom meeting with Girl Scout troop 44537 in Woodinville, WA.

Continuing Education during COVID-19

Faye Peebles, Education Coordinator, Wolf Haven International

While many of us are adjusting to what is becoming a new normal, some things remain the same -though they look a little different now. One of these is Girl Scout troop meetings. Here in Western Washington, Girl Scouts were given notice in early March to cancel all events including meetings.

Anyone who has been a part of any youth organization knows it is a big deal. The need for members of these groups to stay connected is extremely important, especially now, when everything looks vastly different than it did a month ago. I was able to witness this firsthand, through my computer camera.

Girl Scout troop 44537 in Woodinville, Washington is continuing to stay in contact with each other and using this time to work on their BRONZE award. They were scheduled to come to Wolf Haven this month, but as we are all aware, their plans were forced to change because of the health crisis. Instead of them coming to us, I went to them. Via modern technology from my own home office, I took them on a virtual tour of the sanctuary. After getting to see (virtually) the wolves on our public visitor route, the girls had questions and comments for me and each other. One 10-year-old was celebrating her birthday, which prompted a spontaneous, out-of-sync round of the Happy Birthday song. It was an unexpected and heartwarming virtual hug for all of us.

They also received packets and a video from me so they can work on their badges. I will see them again as the girls work through their project. While it doesn’t look the same, life as Girl Scouts, as humans, continues through the use of modern technology. Our virtual meeting brought a little bit of normalcy to my life and provided the girls a chance to learn about wolves while staying connected to their larger group.

If you are interested in a remote educational presentation, contact Faye Peebles at or leave a message at 360.264.4695 x220.

Faye Peebles with Girl Scout's Woman of Distinction award.

Faye Peebles being presented with Girl Scout’s Woman of Distinction award.