Goodbye Ruby

Ruby's final adoption picture (c/o Julie Lawrence)

Ruby’s final adoption picture (c/o Julie Lawrence)

Ruby was one of the red wolves living at Wolf Haven as part of the Red wolf Species Survival Plan program. She passed away in June. Below is a farewell written in her honor and sent to those caring people who had symbolically adopted her.

by Meghan Murphy, Animal Care Assistant

It is with great sadness that I am writing to you because our friend Ruby has passed away. Ruby was only nine years old and very happy and healthy. Her passing was sudden and unexpected and we are all grieving her loss.

During a routine morning walk through the sanctuary on Wednesday June 10, animal care staff noticed Ruby was not out running and posturing at the fence line with her neighbors as she usually does. When animal care staff investigated further, Ruby was found in one of her dens not moving. She had died during the night. Her belly was a little distended, which is not unusual after death, and there were no signs of injury.

The night before her death Ruby had been happily romping and running with her companion Tala, showing no signs of illness. Following her death a necropsy was performed and no cause of death was immediately found. The full results of the necropsy are currently pending.

It has been an honor to care for Ruby. Her bold, feisty and playful nature was a joy to behold. She will be greatly missed and will always remain in our hearts.

Thank you for your generosity, care and support of Ruby while she was with us at Wolf Haven. May her unique and vibrant spirit continue to live on in your heart.